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Consensus Nevada Tax Management

Consensus founder Barbara Smith Campbell uses her experience as former chairman of the Nevada Tax Commission and her corporate background to provide comprehensive, day-to-day technical support and insight into the Nevada Department of Taxation and other agencies in state and local government.

We also assist with the analysis and impact of tax legislation, tax regulations and tax initiatives. All of this makes Consensus a valuable resource for companies implementing sound compliance with Nevada tax law.

Our services include:

  • Sales and Use Tax, Modified Business Tax Review and Planning
    • Compliance
    • Tax Exemptions
    • Tax Abatements
  • Property Taxes
    • Valuations and Assessment Standards
    • Remainder Parcel Issues
    • Abatement Determinations
  • LEED (Green Buildings) tax benefits
  • Excise Taxes Review and Planning
    • Live Entertainment Tax
    • Bank Excise Tax
    • Insurance Premium Tax
    • Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products
    • Liquor and Alcoholic Beverage Tax
    • Government Service Tax
  • Tax Audits and Appeals, Resolutions
    • Technical, Expert Witness
    • Arbitration Matters
    • Settlement Agreements
  • Advisory Letters Requests
  • Legislative Advocacy
    • Development of Nevada Revised Statutes Language (NRS)
    • Development of Nevada Administrative Code Language (NAC - Regulations)
    • Navigating through the Administrative Procedures Act
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
    • Offers in Compromise
  • Intermediary with State Agencies